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What does CODA mean? CODA or KODA is an acronym for Child of a Deaf Adult or Kid of a Deaf Adult, respectively. Children that fall into this group are unique and often have specialized needs particularly in early childhood education. Many times a CODA will have American Sign Language as their first language. 

Often, a CODA, is caught between two cultures and has to take on both without fully understanding the different nuances between each culture ("Deaf Culture" and "hearing culture"). Many times they are thrust into the role of interpreting for family members at a very young age without having fully developed the understanding for a culture that is different outside of their home environment.

Common challenges can manifest themselves  in developmental delays. These challenges can create frustrations that are uniquely difficult to overcome and can have long lasting effects in a child's early development. 

There are steps that can be taken to help bridge the gap between cultures.


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